MMTC Research on Bullion Trade

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  • Published : June 15, 2012
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“Strategy for growing mmtc precious metals retail trade globalLy”| MMTC LtdA GOVT OF INDIA ENTERPRISE|
Submitted To:>MMTC (Precious metal division)|
By ::- Saurabh Agrawal|
MFT ROLL : :- 26

A detailed analysis of bullion trade and tactics for growing globally to be adopted.|

M.F.T 2012-13


I Saurabh Agrawal, hereby declare, that the report entitled “Strategies of MMTC for growing bullion trade” is an original work. The contents of this report have not been published before and reflects the work done by me in the Organizational Training – I component of Summer training report for Master of Foreign Trade of Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi. I have done my Summer training at MMTC Precious metal division from 14thMay, 2012 to 14th July, 2012.

Date :


I am thankful to the authorities of MMTC LIMITED., New Delhi for giving me an opportunity to work in their premises and provide me the facilities for doing the project.

I give my heartiest thanks to Mr. Nitya Nand Sinha the DY Manager of MMTC LIMITED (PRECIOUS METAL DIVISION), Varanasi for giving me this opportunity to carry out my project in this esteemed organization.

The interest he took in monitoring progress of my work enabled me to perform much better then my abilities.

I express my deep sense of gratitude for my MENTOR Mr. Nitya Nand Sinha for their constant guidance and for sparing their valuable time for discussion when required. The completion of my project is the result of their constant inspiration and technical guidance.

1. Executive summary
2. Preface
3. Introduction
4. Mission to Achieve
5. Activities
* Minerals
* Precious Metals
* Other Metals
* Agro Products
* Coal &Hydrocarbon
* Fertilizers
6.Bullion Industry

Executive Summary

As a leading player in metals and precious metals, MMTC Ltd has become a major exporter cum marketing company in India, through planned forward integration of its import and export activities and growing its market globally. I carried out a research process and tried to look into various options available for MMTC to enhance its Bullion trade in the world market. This report will help MMTC to know the emerging market , develop it business through exploring new market of bullion commodities , and analyze the requirement , buying behavior of nations , individuals and their dealing process to deal and create a market share for its own self in the world market .

The largest trading organization was established in 1963, with the motto to grow international trade and was developed a separate public sector enterprises from state trading corporation. MMTC is one of the two highest earners of foreign exchange for India and India's largest public sector trading body. Not only handling the export of primary products such as coal, iron ore, and manufactured agro and industrial products, MMTC also imports important commodities such as ferrous and nonferrous metals for industry, and agricultural fertilizers. MMTC's diverse trade activities cover Third Country Trade, Joint Ventures and Link Deals and all modern forms of international trading. The Company has a vast international trade network, spanning almost in all countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, America and also includes a wholly owned international subsidiary in Singapore, MTPL. It is one of the Miniratnas companies. MMTC is a leading international trading company with a turnover of around US$ 10 billion. It is the largest international trading company of India .MMTC contributes significantly to India’s international trade by opening export opportunities across the globe for Indian products and sourcing inputs required by the domestic industry, agriculture and for home consumption. It is the first Public...
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