Mmsd Food Service Case Study

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MMSD Food Service Case Study

The Madison Metropolitan School District in Madison, Wisconsin has gone through lots of modifications since the year 1965. They have grown in different ways such as proportions, and also changed the meals programs, consolidated in certain areas, and contracted with other programs. They have gotten missed on some budgets, and have gained and lost money, they have even had different sets of rules and politics that they have dealt with. But even as the challenges have come and the changes are continuously made there is a constant (if at sometimes slow) positive and steady progress There are many tips to make towards the food service production manager of the Madison Metropolitan School District. First, it is so important for them to stay up with the times and also with the politics involving school food service. This can play a pivotal role in several ways starting with things like how long children are given to eat their meals and even how clean the school eating area are there are also guidelines that need to be followed when it comes to the actual nutrition of the food. Second, staying with the times and knowing what the current food trends for breakfast, lunch, and also all of the options for items offered individually can help tremendously in avoiding unsatisfied “customers” or children The last suggestion that I would make would be to pay attention to the current economy to ensure they will find the best staff at a decent cost, volunteers could also help in this area. If these suggestions were put into use it would be a greater long-term advantage to the MMSD. The impact from the current economic and political conditions on MMSD in the future will mainly concentrate on cost and health or nutrition. The industry does want to offer healthier choices for the students but these healthier options often come at a greater cost and this can have a huge economical impact on the MMSD. The political influence changing and making new laws, having to worry with childhood obesity, and regulating diet will impact MMSD it will be difficult to stay on the right track and with the new regulations and rules and still be economically sound with the added cost of more nutritious options. “Madison Metropolitan School District comes with an open foodservice program. This open system features a mixture of business “inputs” and “outputs” concentrating on economic, psychological, and sociological factors (Payne-Palacio, 2005)”. This technique can also be interdependent through the impacts and interactions it has using the environment. These types of inputs include money, raw materials, time, equipment, amenities, and personnel. The outputs would be the completed products; a la carte items, well prepared meals, and catered events. Mission Statement -

Madison Metropolitan School District is focused providing all of its students with nutritious and appealing food options in a safe, clean and attractive atmosphere. Our staff is deeply devoted to working together with each other and the students to guarantee that each of the students has nutritious means and that we also make and keep an efficient plan in place that remains economically sound. MMSD Foodservice Program Illustration –

Together with the Madison Metropolitan School District being so disseminate to service all 40 individual schools, you will definitely find some challenges present in the food safety area. Thankfully there is a science related meal specialist that is used by the school district that works round the clock full time to help put into use and utilize and asses programs along with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). The main and most important concern is proper food handling techniques. Using the high turnover and also the language barrier due to a diversified staff, training gets a challenge. The MMSD has set up their very own requirements of...
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