Mmc203: Manufacturing Planning & Control

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MMC203: Manufacturing Planning & Control

Coursework (Semester 2)

Produce a Management Report with Medium Term Capacity Plans based on the following scenario.

Examine the following scenario and prepare a set of alternative (competitive) plans to ensure sufficient capacity is available to meet the projected customer requirements for the medium term. Recommend any additional activities or changes that could be made to improve capacity planning over the long term.

The presentation style of your management report is important. It must be very clear and concise and should not exceed 2 A4 pages (and text must not be smaller than font size 12). You may also include additional pages as appendices, to provide details of individual alternative plans. Your management report should describe and recommend a particular plan and highlight any benefits, uncertainties or disadvantages of the recommended plan compared with other plans you may have considered. Justify your recommendations.

Company A is planning its capacity requirements for the next 2 years (they are particularly concerned with the period covering months 7 to 24). The forecasts and actual orders received to date for product X, for the next two years are shown in table 1. (Note: table 1 just gives the current position and this will change as new orders are received.) Product X is not perishable and is not a fashion item. Orders are generally received at least 2 months in advance and may be received several months before delivery is required. Table 1 shows, for example, that orders have been received for 1430 of product X to be delivered in month 2. The forecasts and actual orders received table is updated and is normally circulated to managers each month. (Note therefore that orders are still expected for month 3 onwards).

Month |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 |7 |8 |9 |10 |11 |12 | |Orders Received | 1850 |
1430 |
1425 |
1875 |
- |
- |
- |
- |
- |
- |
- |
- | |Forecast...
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