Mma: Good or Bad?

Topics: Mixed martial arts, Jujutsu, Martial arts Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Good or bad?

Good or bad?

Mixed Martial Arts has not been given the respect that it has worked so hard for and deserves. MMA is the fastest growing sport not only in the US but the UK, but in many other countries as well. It has been held back though by the people who criticize the sport and its athletes for being barbaric and unsafe. This is actually the opposite of this sport.

Mixed Martial Arts is a sport where fighters who are trained in many different kinds of martial arts (i.e. judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Maui Tai, boxing wrestling, kickboxing etc.) and then they are put into a ring or sometimes a cage, to test their skills against each other. Mixed martial arts competitions originated with the intention of searching for the most effective martial art form as competitors were pitted against each other with minimum safety rules, but due to the many serious injuries that occurred many additional rules have been introduced for safety reasons(Chew). Since these rules and regulations have been put into place MMA has grown incredibly fast.

Despite the public belief there are actually many rules and regulations within the sport of MMA. For example eye gouging is against the rules. So is kneeing or kicking your opponent while on the ground, shots “below the belt”, hair pulling, blows to the back of the head, holding on to the ropes or cage, and many others. All of these rules have been put into place to keep the fighters safe.

There are many more rules put into place in order to stop the fight when ever any fighter is put into any real danger of being injured. Fights can end in many different ways, KO, TKO, submission, referee stoppage, and when the clock runs out. A knockout is when the fighter has been knocked unconscious. A TKO is a technical knockout, where a referee has to stop the fight because the fighter is not intelligently defending themselves. A submission is when a fighter is put into a head lock, arm lock, or leg lock, forcing...
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