MMA Cage Fighting or Street Fighting

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  • Published : June 19, 2011
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William Kluer
Cyrene Ljluni

College Prep. Wr.-2

June-14, 2011

MMA Fighting And Training

Mixed Martial Arts, MMA Cage Fighting, or Street Fighting. There are hundreds of

Different techniques and tactics a person may use. MMA has become a very popular sport in

In the United States, Europe and other parts of the world.

MMA training and fighting takes hard work physically, and emotionally. I have knowledge

In health and fitness like strength conditioning, arm wrestling, boxing, martial arts, and

MMA training. Only in recent years have I gained knowledge in defense with MMA training

I always love watching MMA on television but never really understood just all that was

Involved with what I was seeing.. There is a great deal of counter moves offensively, but

More importantly defensively. Defense was where I always had a weakness. And I new it.

I decided to take training with MMA, the experience you gain is very important I believe

For anyone. You learn many deferent techniques, grappling standing or on the ground,

Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, clinching, Tai kicking, takedowns, submissions, speed striking. You can

Strike with punches or elbows, leg kicks, knees, Tai kicking is a little different though, and

Can be very devastating. Now after some training it is much more interesting to watch, as

Well as understand. You think the fighters are not doing much when in reality they are.

MMA training has become so popular that many individuals are now gaining this

Knowledge besides Military personal. Or people that do it for a living, interest or hobbie.

Now police are receiving training...
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