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Topics: Major League Baseball, World Series, Chicago White Sox Pages: 4 (1588 words) Published: March 27, 2007
Level Playing Field for Baseball
When most people think of baseball usually the higher market teams such as the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees come to mind. People think of higher market teams because they have the biggest names in the game, they are the most marketable teams, and they have typically been the best. Even though Boston and New York hold one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports, baseball should be thought of as a competitive sport where any team can win day in and day out. Many people probably want more parity in baseball and would like a salary cap proposed. However, baseball has as much, if not more, parity than any sport including basketball and football both of which have salary caps. In football there is no chance of the Raiders winning the Super Bowl and in basketball the Knicks have no chance of winning an NBA title. The Marlins have a whole roster that costs less than some players' contracts individually, yet they played like a playoff team the last sixty games of the season. Lower market teams have many ways of competing with the higher market teams. Baseball is the easiest sport for a lower market team to compete with a higher market team; consequently, the parity from an economic prospective is unfair, but the playing of teams with small payrolls is showing an increase of equality. Most people would agree that large-market organizations with the highest payrolls can field a World Series type team more easily. However, putting the most talent on the field doesn't always work which is noticeable since the Yankees haven't been crowned champs since 2000. Player income has been increasing since the 1970's; whereas, smaller market organizations are against "payroll disparity" (Chass). Owners proposed salary caps in "labor negotiations" in order to help payroll gaps, but the players objected because they want more money. Afterwards "strikes and walkouts ensued" (Chass). In the last World Series "Detroit's $82.6 million payroll...
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