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Topics: Overfishing, Fish, Fishing Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Sustainable fishing has always been something to consider when creating size and number limits on specific fish but it hasn’t been until recently that these fishing limits have become a priority. This article basically went into depth about the dangers of overfishing and the short and long term consequencs that could result. Many people whether they realize it or not over fish and unbalance the natural selection of the local marine ecosystem on Cape Cod and it could have dire consequences.

First off sustainibility is defined as the practice of living on earth in a way that allows humans to use resources without depriving future generations of those resources. Recently commercial fisherman have been doing anything but this with a reckless disregard for future generations of people and fish populations. Specifically on Cape Cod, the codfish itself has become somewhat of a rarity. Once plentiful beyond belief this fish has been so overfished its price has gone up and its population has decreased drastically. Many principles of natural selection and mutual relationships learned in this class have been violated by this rapid fishing. We are fishing at a higher rate than these fish can reproduce. At this rate there may be no cod left 20 years from now.

Second, It could devastate the local marine ecosystem. Every plant and animal in a local ecosystem is vital to continue its role in nature to preserve the balance of things and keep populations in check through natural selection. By over fishing species like striped bass and cod, other species like plankton might skyrocket while sharks and other predators will begin to starve and go hungry. Many local fisherman will begin to lose their jobs as there won’t be as many fish out there to satisfy the numbers they need to support their lives and it will effect our local ecomomy. This reminds me a lot of the eco footprint test we took earlier this year and how it showed how I consume more resources than there are in the...
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