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Topics: Feminism, The Real World, Love Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: July 21, 2012
Correchet, Camille
Prof. Fonts
ENC 1102-3
15 February 2012
In the real world, problems and complications come up and happily ever after’s don’t exist. Sexton takes the classic story of “Cinderella”, reworks it, and makes it into her own twisted version of a fairytale. She starts the audience off with a few little “rags-to-riches” accounts comparing modern culture’s unrealistic dreams to what life really is like. Then she goes into telling the readers the famously known fairytale in a sardonic tone. The audience gets a sense of frustration from her way of expressing herself in each little story she talks about. She shows the world that its not always rainbows and butterflies, the real world is more complicated than that. Sexton’s “Cinderella” highlights despair and the delusions women have about love.

The majority of women of the world want to believe that they’ll find themselves a prince charming and have that perfect life until the day they die. Sexton puts all of these dreams into a realistic perspective that brings her audience back to reality. The poet mentions: “You always read about it:/the plumber with twelve children/who wins the Irish Sweepstakes./From toilets to riches./That story” (Sexton 620). The way the poet ends with “that story” shows the loss of hope that she feels from life and those happy ending stories. The audience gets these emotions from her writing in a very strong and raw way, she’s not afraid to speak the truth and take everyone reading her poems down with her. Her feministic ways come across her words like swords, and anyone who reads any of her poems will blatantly get this idea of her.

Furthermore, from the day a girl can read, she’s read some sort of fairytale and dreams of having a life just like that, without thought about the real worlds problems. Sexton states: “Cinderella and the prince/lived, they say, happily ever after,/like two dolls in a museum case/never bothered by diapers or dust,/never arguing...
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