Mktg522 Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan

Devry University


Situation analysis

When it comes to marketing the idea of a drive through grocery store there are several advantages and disadvantages to look at. This would include the current idea through company such as The Tesco concept store which is currently a drive through concept established in Baldock, Hertfordshire. The concept used is similar to the idea of my store but does not offer the complete idea of a grocery store concept. Customers are requested to give at least a two hour notice before ordering the products and the store also has a complete staff on hand to pack and deliver the products without the customer coming to the store. The store offers home delivery and even offers delivery to other addresses during the holidays. The concept is to avoid long lines and especially for active mothers and elderly who want to avoid the hassle shopping especially during the busy times of the year. The concept I am offering is the expansion of the market including a pharmacy, play area for children, and complete item list as if you are going to a grocery store. Other areas to consider critical would be the testing of the product, Campaigns through the media, and what the life cycle will consist of with the new line. The products would consist of all seasoning, produce, deli including fresh meats, pharmacy medicine including a health area for vitamins. The current company markets through the internet and television advertisement but for the store to advance select neighborhoods should be targeted including those areas of school zones, elderly care, handicap and especially nursing homes. Getting the right customer to engage in the new idea will surely explain the need for this sort of product. All forces of macroeconomic should be considered since one does not know really at the start of a new product what will affect your growth. The areas would include the cultural, demographical, economical, natural, politicially, and technological aspects. Cultures would include analyzing the institutions in the area such as hospitals, building developments, other consisting grocery stores, and neighborhood value. Demographically the company should focus on the population surrounding the area, age of the community, race and work occupations. Economically forces would research the salary levels, customer credit levels, and the pricing of the items on the list supplies. The pricing will greatly affect the spending habits of the customers especially in an economic drought. Natural areas are the human resources including raw, energy sites, and even farming industries. Expanding the product around farming would only anger the farmers who may already be struggling to keep and fertilize the products they deem to grow. Politically the company should review current laws that may keep the store from expanding or even including a parking garage onto a grocery store. City limits may restrict how high we can build or expand the already existing building. Government agencies and lobbyist groups could contest the idea knowing other name brands such as fry’s and Wal-Mart dominate the grocery business already. Market summary

From previous store locations most of these convenience stores as they are called now are situated in upper scale community. Age ranges from 30-55 income levels are above average. I have located similar store in the UK, and Philadelphia. Customers on average are visiting these location on average about 2 times a week. Similar stores are recorded to maintain about 800 items while another store is known to hold up to 40,000 items. This is where are big change will come to be noticed since on average a typical grocery store can hold up to the same amount. We will hold a perishable food item which estimates about 50 percent of income for the grocery branches. The chain will also hold non-perishable and non food...
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