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Pepper Lunch: Marketing Plan|
Final Draft|



1.0 Executive Summary

Pepper Lunch is an affordable DIY fast food steakhouse with more than 200 outlets in Japan and

other Asian countries as wells as in Australia. Pepper Lunch promises a dynamic and fresh

culinary experience for everyone by presenting the novel concept of a sizzling steak. Pepper

Lunch is the new wave of fast food style. Our original iron dish and technology of heating

is sure to generate a revolution in the fast food business in the USA. We are able to provide a

searing steak as fast food items only with this technique. The revolutionary concept is that

although it is fast food, customers can cook their meal by themselves. You can enjoy juicy steak

with a sizzle, at affordable prices. In Japan, Pepper Lunch is one of the fastest growing F&B

franchises. Its quality food and sizzling concept made Pepper Lunch a successful business model

and now they would like to bring this exquisite concept and model to USA.

2.0 Situation Analysis

Pepper Lunch is starting to consider expanding their business in USA. Because the concept is brand new for USA; they believe the more diverse the population, the better success they will have and marketing will play an important role in achieving that. 2.1 Market Summary

Pepper Lunch’s international operations are managed by Suntory F&B International,

based in Singapore. They have already successfully expanded the franchise into countries like,

South Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Macau, and

the Philippines. They possess fair amount of information about different types of markets and

understand the customer needs and wants in these different markets.

2.1.1 Market Demographics
The profile for the typical Pegasus customer consists of the following geographic, demographic, and behavior factors:
Pepper Lunch plans to initially open restaurants in Los Angeles, CA and New York City due to the diversity in the populations in these cities.
* There is an almost equal ratio between male and female consumers.

* Age group is between 15–72, with majority of the consumers in the range of 18-

48. The regular office going crowd who looks for a quick meal few times a week.

* Because the food will be a little bit more than what one would expect to pay for

fast food, the average consumer will have to be earning a steady income.
Behavior Factors

* Consumers who enjoy healthy fast food and are looking to try something other than a

burger or sandwich for a meal.

* Consumers who are willing to spend a few extra bucks for a great Japanese style steak

without paying the hefty price.

2.1.2 Market Needs

Pepper Lunch is providing American consumers with another place to enjoy their meal fast

and fresh.

2.1.3 Market Trends

Pepper Lunch will distinguish themselves by marketing products that have not been offered to

consumers in the USA yet. In the USA, when we think about Japanese steakhouse we think

about a sit-down restaurant, so by marketing the concept of do-it-yourself steaks, Pepper

Lunch is sure to attract the crowd.

2.1.4 Market Growth

With so much competition in the fast-food industry and the lack of variety you can get,

Pepper Lunch provides a unique concept as well as a filling meal at a reasonable cost. They

have already established their brand in many of the Asian countries as well as Australia and

proven to be very successful. With the highest demand for fast-food in the world, USA is a

great market to bring Pepper Lunch into.

2.2 SWOT Analysis
The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company and describes the opportunities and threats facing Pepper Lunch. 2.2.1 Strengths
* Knowledge of the product

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