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International Business 300

Global Business Perspectives

Leta Beard


The purpose of the report is to examine the business environment in a country. Select a company’s product or service to serve as a subject for short-term market entry and longer-term foreign direct investment in your selected country. Your report should look at investment opportunities including: market size, ease and compatibility of operations, resource costs and availability as well as government support. You should also look at the economic and political risks associated with investing and operating in your selected country.

Write a 15-20-page paper (double-spaced), not including tables, notes, graphs or appendix). Use a report style which an executive would expect: Executive Summary, statement of research questions, constraints and obstacles, sources of information, criteria used to evaluate and make judgments, analysis of each question or topic using headings and sub-headings, specific conclusions, specific recommendations (positive or negative) based on conclusions, advice (if any) on how to implement your recommendations.

Help the firm decide whether or not the country has geographic, demographic, economic, political, ethical, and legal environments that are acceptable. Predict the change in the currency’s value over the next year as well as the next ten years (and explain your prediction). Discuss country risk.

Help the firm decide whether or not business infrastructure in the country will be suitable. Decide on a location within the country.

Are the essential natural, physical and human resources available or can they be imported if necessary?

Help the firm’s headquarters’ managers who might work in the country to: a) Understand the cultural environment they will encounter in the workplace, b) Decide whether or not it is suitable, and

c) Develop appropriate ways of managing people, information, and things.

Your country analysis report will be evaluated on the following criteria: • Data completeness and accuracy
• Sound analysis
• Decision reflects analysis
• Prioritization of data and analysis
• Sources used
• Mechanics – spelling, grammar, etc.



II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: State your purpose and provide brief background material. Summarize the goals, constraints, and organization of the team, key findings, conclusions and recommendations. The Executive Summary consists of 1-2 unnumbered pages immediately following the title page and before the table of contents. The Summary is intended to serve as the basis of a 10-minute presentation to management.



Much can be learned from the successes and challenges of other organizations that have entered foreign markets. Typically, this is the first indication of a potential market for a company. In addition, awareness of competitors is critical to successfully planning and implementing business activities. Your goal is to identify and analyze the international business operations of organizations related to the country opportunity you are exploring.


Your goal is to gather information on various economic factors that influence business opportunities in your country. You should look at things like: 1. Growth Rate in the economy (GDP/GNI) also GDP/GNI per capita 2. Purchasing Power Parity

3. Inflation Rate
4. Unemployment Rate
5. Distribution of Income
6. % of population in top and bottom deciles of income 7. Heritage Foundation Economic Freedom Index
8. UN HDI Development Index
9. Stability of currency exchange rate (against...
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