Mkt421 Week 2 Ind

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Marketing mix Pages: 4 (1431 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Marketing Mix
Brenda Caraballo
University of Phoenix
Michael Mancini
January 14, 2013

Marketing Mix
In an organization today one has to market their business in order for the business to thrive. Marketing within a company is the reason a companies grow. If the marketing is late or if a product or service is not promoted in the right place the business may or may not get many customers that have been projected. In this paper the writer will explore the organization Terminix and the Pest Control industry; also one will illustrate the marketing mixes (four P’s) which are price, promotion, product or services, and place ("Marketing Mix," 2013, para. 4). Further the writer will explore how each element of the four P’s applies to the growth of Terminix ("Terminix," 2013, para. 2). Terminix is a pest control company one if the leaders in the industry of pest control partly because of the marketing the other part is because of its history. Terminix offers different prices for every home; the prices are basis on the needs of the customer and the issues of the home. Because of Terminix’s has been in existence for over 80 years the name is familiar to most of the country. When a residential customer understands they need pest control the first name is thought of is Terminix. The history of Terminix helps the company because of the name alone. Terminix’s vast number of customer’s them to offer their customer much lower rates than their competitor. Other than the history part of Terminix; there is the marketing part of Terminix they use the 4 P’s of the marketing mix. Terminix is a pest control provider a company that provides customer with pest control services.

Marketing of Services for Pest Control
The services range from a simple pest control service of an occasional invader to bed bugs treatment and to a more complex service such as installation. Taking care of all the customer’s pest control needs is terminix reason for existing....
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