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August, 2010

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Lecturer: Bang Nguyen

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
2.Situation Analysis6
Micro Environment6
Macro Environment9
3.S.W.O.T Analysis11
S.W.O.T Matrix12
4.Product Objectives13
Corporation objectives13
Marketing Objectives13
Financial Objectives13
5.Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning14
Market Segmentation14
Target Marketing14
6.Marketing Mix Strategies17
7.Action Program24
8.Control Program25
9.Reference List26

Executive Summary

There are about more than 20 brands of purified water in Ho Chi Minh City which is the great competitive market of drinking water. Aquafina Vietnam has established in 2001 and become one of the strongest purified water in Vietnam due to its high invested in capital, strong distribution channel and high technology. Nevertheless, there is a large quantity of firms which are from both internal and external marketplace are entering steadily, Aquafina needs to enhance and innovate marketing, branding, pricing and promotion strategies for the next twelve months to gain the clients’ awareness and be on the top of this competition.

Vietnam has many advantages such as cheap cost of labor and developing country’s economy. Thus, Aquafina has to base on those effective opportunities to develop its Strengths and improve its shortcomings.

Firstly, setting products’ objectives and targets are very crucial to the marketing plan. Moreover, product objectives are divided into 3 sections: corporation, marketing and financial. The major aim of Aquafina in the next year is to gain the market shares up to 20%-25% in the purified market.

Aquafina is appropriate for middle class upward, particularly for family group. Therefore, Aquafina should be suggested to add more flavors and create the new form of packaging to implement Line Extension strategy. It also needs to create the new products (purified ice) to accomplish the Brand Extension strategy.

For the pricing strategy, Aquafina conducts various pricing strategies such as competition-based pricing, bundle-pricing strategy, discount and allowance pricing to promote the products.

In the place strategies, this firm also has selected the form of Corporate Conventional marketing channel and this leads to Intensive distribution. Aquafina also create the new form of direct selling is setting up many vending machines at bus stations, schools, supermarkets to let the clients more convenient as well as reduce the variable costs.

Last but not least, the most fundamental strategy is promotional strategy. It consists of various means of advertising (magazines, television, radio, etc.), and public relation (special events, sponsorships, etc.).

Those are the entire purified water Aquafina’s important and affordable marketing plans which will be employed in the period of August 2010 to of July 2011 under the regulation of Aquafina’s specialists about program and supervisor. The budget for the plan can be up to1.863.000.000 VND. With this marketing plan, in twelve months, Aquafina firmly believes to get not only the products’ goodwill but also the firm’s accounting profits.

1. Introduction

PepsiCo Company was established in 1983, has been many offices all over the world, and is the owner and creator of Aquafina, having a significant variety of carbonated, non-carbonated beverages, snack and other food which is available in more than 200 countries.

In 2001, Vietnamese government accepted PepsiCo to enter this market and building plant there that it is...
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