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Name: Do Ngoc Anh (10130035)BTEC HND IS@NEUSubject: MarketingHow macro and micro environmental factors influence marketing decisions of Love’s Crepe RestaurantProducts: Crepes (Sweet and Salty), Drinks (Flavored Yogurt, Coffee and Tea)Address: 34 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Hanoi| |

I. Micro factors:
On a micro level, Love’s Crepe (LC) marketing decisions are greatly influenced by the restaurant, its customers and competitors. 1. The Restaurant:
The management system of LC includes an owner, full-time managers and part-time staff (counter staff, waiter and waitress, security staff). They all have impacts in delivering a positive image of LC to their customers. Since the owner is not present all the time at LC restaurant, managers are thus responsible to supervise staff performance and look out for customers’ needs and inquiries. Thus, they ensure the standard of LC quality of products and services while being able to notice and respond to customers’ feedback. This helps LC appear professional, receptive and helpful to their customers. Moreover, as direct representatives of LC, all staff are trained to smile, greet and serve customers with friendliness and attentiveness. Therefore, LC can sustain its positive and welcoming image to its current and potential customers. LC staff are also selected based on qualities such as cheerfulness, politeness and social skills. These qualities are greatly valued and practiced by LC staff in handling their customers. LC staff are known to maximize customers’ satisfaction and minimize unwanted misunderstanding and conflicts. Thanks to the prompt help and honesty policy of LC staff, forgotten phones and left-behind items of its customers such as books have been returned to their owners. 2. Customers: Mostly teenagers from 12 to 22 years old. Teenager’s needs and wants are thus the main research topic needed before conducting LC’s marketing activities. Their taste in food, restaurant design and experience gives LC...
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