Mkt 510 Week 2 Discussion 1

Topics: Baby boomer, Demographics, Great Depression Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: January 20, 2013
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Week 2 Discussion 2
 The U.S. has gone through many transitions in its short history.  The pre-Depression were born before 1930.  People born in this era as young children saw their family go through very difficult hardships.  They are mostly conservative and are typically not concerned about materialistic things but instead concerned about health, aging, financial, and personal security.  People born in the Depression era were small children who were instilled into them the importance of rationing, saving, morals, and ethics.  People in this generation value family togetherness, but are slow to embrace change.  People born in the baby boom era, typically born 1946-1964, were all about self-expression and optimism.  Today, many of the baby boomers are workaholics working well into their 50's and 60's.  Many people of this generation are more tuned in to technology.  The golf channel would cater to a lot of people from this generation due to the fact nearly all of them are retired at this point.  Golf is one of those sports that you don't necessarily need to be in tip top shape to partake in.  Product managers of the golf channel would cater to people of this generation by showing golf as a leisurely activity that can be done on a Sunday afternoon.  The approach the golf channel marketing to the Depression group be similar to the pre-Depression.  Golf would be depicted golf as a nice leisurely activity that is not strenuous on your body and is a sport perfect for soon to be or already retired people.  Baby boomers would look at Golf as a place where business transactions are discussed.  Golf has greatly transformed over the past few decades and many more people of the baby boomers generation are beginning to play it.  As I a sales representative of Verizon Wireless, I deal with the difficulty of trying to cater my sales pitch to individuals from all three of the generations.  For a product like an...
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