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Analyzing Buyer Behavior Simulation Summary
University of Phoenix

Analyzing Buyer Behavior Simulation Summary
* Positioning Strategy: Barber Spa
1. Value Added Services: Hairstyle, Color, Pedicure, Manicure 2. Luxury Services: Massage and Concierge Service
Budget Spent: 354 out of 500
* I choose this positioning strategy because the men in the area indicted that they would like more services. * The gentlemen in the area displayed a preference for extra treatments other than the ordinary services offered at a typical barber shop. * Number Of Salons In Each City:

1. Albany: # of Lords: 0, # of Masters 0
2. Dutchess: # of Lords 6, # of Masters 0
3. Niagra: # of Lords 0, Number of Masters 6
4. Oneida: # of Lords 0, # of Masters 0
5. Orange: # of Lords 6, Number of Masters 0
* I chose to expand in only three of the cities which were Dutchess, Niagra, and Orange because these were the only three cities that showed a demand for luxury services. * In the other three remaining cities they did not show any taste for services other than modest barber shop services. * In Niagra the majority of males were business professionals with the necessary salaries to afford expensive masters services so I chose to add the master’s salon in that city alone. * Service Options: Loyalty Program, Bonus Packages with Annual Plans, Educational Programs in Hair Care and Skin Care, and Gift Memberships by Females for Husbands or Boyfriends. * I chose to focus on the existing customers because it is far easier and less costly to maintain a customer than to attract and satisfy new ones. * The men that were part of the BAM movement were not interested in staying neatly groomed. * The Bam movement could possibly be a fad that will quickly fade away. * Adding tattooing and body piercings does not mesh well with the quality of environment that is usually portrayed at typical spas/salons. * Adding gift...
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