Mkt/421 Week 2

Topics: Marketing, Developmental psychology, Physician Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Organizational Buyers

When looking at our product of the Infant laptop it is clear that the main organizational buyer of the product will be schools, day cares, children hospitals and pediatric doctor offices. These four organizations will be the ones that are most susceptible to taking on the product and buying them in bulk because of the age range that they are targeted for. School districts will buy these for the kindergarten grade children to help them to further learn shapes and animals. This laptop will be key for school districts to get because early development education is the first step in building people brain to handle tasks and by starting early on this school districts can gain more grants for future educational projects. The best way for fisher price to market this product to schools would be to run test on the development of children who have used similar toys from the company against those who have not used the toys from the company. By running these test and presenting data to the school board it would make it easier for schools to see the potential growth in a child’s learning ability and this will help to push them forward in the decision of whether to invest or not. Day cares would be interested in the product because of the increased revenue they would generate for having the latest toys for child development. This would create a buzz for the day cares because it would show that they are looking to expand on the child knowledge instead of just watching them while the parents are working. Marketing however for day cares would be a little more different and would need to me changed and tweaked. Since day cares are more of a public run organization they would have to be marketed to like they were individual consumers but yet treated as if they are a big organization. Day cares would need to be marketed to with more focus on how it would benefit their personal interest and also the parents of the kids. Once this mutual interest is found and...
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