Mkt/421 Week 1

Topics: Coffee, Espresso, Marketing Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Marketing Mix Paper
Ricky Koya
May 04th, 2013
Kevin Maevers

Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. Starbucks has lived up to that motto each and every year and with such great numbers and great feedback the company keeps on growing in the right direction. Starbucks is well known around the world for delivering fast, efficient coffee in all forms. From their frappachino’s, to their brew coffee and ice tea they are definitely the set example that other company’s in their area follow. They live by six principles that they practice each and every day they represent there coffee which has always been there passion to deliver great coffee to the table by selecting beans that are ethically sourced, roasting with great care and improving the lives they serve the coffee too and buy. Partners who they call their employee’s but at Starbuck's everyone is a owner of the company as you work the hardest by interacting with guest’s everyday. Customer’s hold a great deal in the process by coming each and every day but not just for the coffee but for the interaction they hold each day with barista’s but with customers as well. The stores are all the same as you know when you’re at a Starbuck’s from the smell to the coffee, the partner’s and the ambience. Neighborhood, Starbuck’s does a lot for the community by donations, community events and school events that help the community come together. Companies only preach Starbuck’s for being such a trendsetter, they set the standard for other companies and they lead each and every year. Shareholders come last by taking care of your owner’s you will have more customer’s to invest more money in your company. Now that we know a little bit of what Starbuck’s have to offer I will be talking about there marketing scheme and why they are so successful in selling those pounds of coffee each day. They follow the marketing mix...
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