Mkt 421 Defining Marketing

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Defining Marketing Paper

Marketing 421

Defining Marketing Paper

To answer the premise of the paper, ‘Defining Marketing’ a definition of marketing is a proper beginning for consideration. My personal definition of marketing is the concept or premise of a function in which products, goods or services are transferred to a consumer or client by a producer or seller. Other definitions exist to describe marketing aside from the prior definition. Marketing has been described as, “A management process identifying, anticipating and supplying client or consumer requirements with efficiency and profitability.” (Tutor2U, 2010) In that same article marketing is described as “human activities that are directed at facilitating and consummating exchanges.” (Tutor2U, 2010) This last expression or definition rings true, in that as a consumer I want appeal, product or name recognition, quality, and value for my money. The sellers or producers are engaged in making a profit and ensuring a positive client experience and consumers or clients who want products that are within their budget, durable and meets the expectations of the transaction; thus a deal can be made between the two entities. In the course text, Basic Marketing, by Perrault, Cannon and McCarthy, the term marketing is further defined as “performing activities seeking to accomplish an organizations’ objectives through the anticipation of customer needs and directing the flow of need satisfying goods and services from producer to client or customer.”(Basic Marketing, page 6, 2009) Marketing is important for organizational success along with companies having flexibility, exuding a transparent organizational culture and challenging employees to excel and remaining accountable for their actions. Many companies and organizations struggle to find the right balance in management to ensure the company growth and achieve profitability. Marketing can plan an important role in...
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