Mkt 421

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Truth Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: June 13, 2009
Most people tend to buy things that are the latest trend. Brands are a great decision maker when it comes to trend buying. The more popular the brand, the more people want to buy that brand. People go for what is familiar as well. If they are familiar with a particular brand then they purchase items of trend, usually because they have bought that particular brand before and feel more comfortable buying that type of product of a certain brand. In this day and age, the more it cost the better it is. This of course is not the case. It is naturally the best thing to compare similar products before purchasing. Introducing a product that is of the latest trend can be difficult, marketing managers need to be innovative, captivating, and original! Marketing is a means of introducing a brand new product, and effectively communicating its advantages to consumers. Marketing introduces a product, and allows consumers to see the latest trend. The more creative you are the better chance an organization has to sell their product. I’m a typical 29 year old woman. I like to shop, dress up, and go out. I am not very materialistic, but when it comes to make-u, I am 100% on the MAC bandwagon. Why? MAC markets their products, not through the media, not through the magazines. As a matter of fact MAC does not advertise. Their word of mouth advertisement is enough to keep clients coming back. MAC is always finding ways to market their product through ways other make-up companies don’t normally do. For instance, MAC mails their clients post cards to come view their new line of make-up. They email their clients the latest events they are doing. And the best marketing concept they have, are at the MAC stores and counters. They play loud music, catching to the young adults. The employees are always gorgeous, and are always ready to try their newest technique or line in you, the client that’s walking by. Another business that really has effective marketing, is Infect Truth....
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