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  • Published: November 14, 2013
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Suffolk University
Sawyer School of Business
Fall 2013
MKIB816 Managing Relationships in the Global Supply Chain

Cristian Chelariu, Ph.D.Class meets:
Office: S837Room: S429 Email: cchelariu@suffolk.eduThursday 4:30-7:10pm

Phone: 617-994-4249

This course will focus on the interaction between trading partners and will analyze how firms are using supply chain strategies to gain a competitive advantage globally. The orientation of the course is on the design and management of relationships among organizations linked together in a supply chain. We will place a strong emphasis on understanding and dissecting the behavioral dimensions of inter-firm relations - the roles of channel members as intermediaries, their use of power and trust, and how to solve the conflicts that arise among them. While retail, wholesale, and logistical firms are significant components of marketing channels, it is held here that the relationships among the various firms comprising channels are the crucial and critical aspects of long-term competitive viability.

Learning Outcomes. In this course you will learn:
How the business environment impacts supply chain structure and activity The interplay between Distribution Channels and the other elements of Marketing. The nature of an agency relationship in consideration of pre-contractual and post-contractual problems How to segment your market based on your customers’ service output demands To understand the risk of opportunistic behavior from trading partners To understand vertical integration as a “make or buy” decision How to use power responsibly to influence trading partners and achieve your business goals How to build trust with your trading partner

How to manage channel conflict
The different nature of inter-firm relationship in...
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