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Fall 2012
Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester 3
MK0013– Marketing Research - 4 Credits
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Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks)

Q.1 How to write a marketing report and what quality is to be ensured? Writing a Market Research Report
The professional marketing research report must achieve four primary objectives: · To effectively communicate the findings of the marketing research project, · To provide interpretations of those findings in the form of sound and logical recommendations, · To illustrate the credibility of the research project,

· To serve as a future reference document for strategic or tactical decisions. The first and foremost objective of the research report is to effectively communicate the findings of the marketing research project. Since the primary purpose of the research project was to obtain information that will answer specific questions in relation to a specific business problem, the report must explain both how the information was obtained and what relevance it has to the research questions. Best practices suggest that a detailed description of the following factors be communicated to the client: · The specific research objectives.

· The specific research questions the study was to answer.
· Specific procedural information relevant to the collection of secondary data (if necessary). · A description of the research methods employed.
· Findings displayed in tables, graphs, or charts.
· An accurate interpretation and summation of the findings. · Conclusions based on data analysis.
· Recommendations and suggestions for their implementation. Far too often, the researcher is so concerned about communicating results that he or she forgets to provide a clear, logical interpretation of those results. The researcher must always be aware that his or her level of understanding regarding sampling methods and statistics, for example, may not be the same as that of the user. Therefore, the researcher must always attempt to take technical or complex information and present it in a manner that is understandable to all parties concerned. Most researchers are often fully armed with statistics, computer output, questionnaires, and other project-related material. In presenting such information to the client, the researcher should always rely on the original research objectives. The task is to focus on each objective and communicate how each part of the project is related to the accomplishment of that objective. A critical dimension of the research report is to establish credibility of the research methods, findings, and conclusions. This can be accomplished only if the report is accurate, believable, and professionally organized. These three dimensions cannot be treated separately, for they collectively operate to build credibility into the research document. For the report to be accurate, all of the input must be accurate. No degree of carelessness in handling data, reporting statistics, or phasing outcomes must be tolerated. Errors in mathematical calculations, grammatical errors, and incorrect terminology are just a few types of inaccuracy that can serve to diminish the credibility of the entire report. Quality Research Report

Before communicating the results of the project to the manager, the researcher should keep several issues in mind for effective communication. The first and foremost rule for writing the report is to empathize. The researcher must keep in mind that the manager who is going to read and utilize the findings of the research project might not be as technically knowledgeable with statistical techniques or at times with the methodology. Furthermore, the manager will be more interested in knowing how results can be used for decision making rather than how they have been derived. Therefore, the jargons and technical terms should be kept at minimum. If the jargons cannot be avoided, then researcher should provide a brief explanation for the manager to...
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