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Topics: Medicine, Effectiveness, Effect Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: November 20, 2010
Kalachuchi ointment

Kalatsutsi, which abound in our country, has always been considered as a medicinal plant. It is ironic, that with the abundance of these indigenous medicines, most Filipinos have to spend a large portion of their income in drugstores to buy the expensive and imported medicines with their unfamiliar ingredients and many side effects. This project aims to make an ointment out of kalatsutsi leaves extract as treatment for scabies, skin allergies, and boils. It also aims to compare its effectivity with those of ordinary poultice made out of the same plant, together with our existing commercial ointments. The ointment was made out of kalatsutsi leaves extract mixed with coconut oil and a little amount of candle was as preservative. The ointment was tested on fifteen people with different skin diseases such as allergy, scabies, and boils. The length of time for those people with skin diseases to be cured has been carefully observed and monitored at certain intervals from the starting time of application.

The result of the test also compared with those people who used ordinary poultice, together with people who used the commercial ointment.

Findings from the research group show that the kalatsutsi ointment was more effective than ordinary poultice made out of Kalatsutsi, and has similar effect within those commercial and imported ointments. The skin disease applied with kalatsutsi ointment healed after three (3) days of application, while the poultice took five (5) days to one week before the skin diseases were completely cured.

The result of the study showed that kalatsutsi ointment has the same effect as the commercial ointments, yet is not as expensive, rather it is very affordable to our countrymen. This project then can help solves some of our health problems that seem to be embarrassing and bothersome. :)
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