Mixture of Comedy and Tragedy in the House of Blue Leaves

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  • Published : October 16, 2010
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Theatre 11:15-12:30

Response from House of Blue Leaves Play

The House of Blues Leaves by John Guare, in my opinion, was a great play. This was the first real whole play I got to see. At the beginning, I was almost sure that the play was going to be no good since I never really got into theatre and plays. However, as I got to see the play, it caught my attention and was hooked.

What I really admired about the play was it was how they mixed comedy and tragedy in one play. Artie Shaughnessy, the zookeeper who had big dreams to make it big in Hollywood, was perfect for this act. He shows what people will do for fame where here, it kills his family and dreams. His mistress, Bunny, however was my favorite. She was such a character. Her New York accent and loud mouth had me laughing throughout the movie. Although she was pretty mean to poor Bananas, she had her eye on Hollywood and eyes for Bananas in a home. The way everyone talked in this play was a New Yorker accent since of course; it took place in New York.

What happens in the play was Artie, had big dreams to be a famous songwriter but couldn’t fulfill his dream because Bananas his wife, is sick mentally and he has to take care of her. So he felt he was tied him down. Bunny, however, who lived underneath the apartment, was this classy fancy woman who felt he could go far. They both had big dreams on this Hollywood dream without Bananas of course. With the Pope visiting New York, Bunny feels there is miracle in the air and this was their time to shine. This whole play however, took a complete 180 turn in the end and left me in stock.

In this play, I think Bunny, Artie and Bananas made this play. Each was so different and all brought something different to the table. Artie, with his frustration to making it big and throughout the whole play, I felt he was somewhat helpless since he wanted to do so much but didn’t want to leave his wife. Bunny, on the other hand, was selfish and controlling....
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