Mixture Lab Write Up

Topics: Mixture, Laboratory equipment, Chemistry Pages: 4 (935 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Separation of a Salt, Sand, and Water Mixture|
Jamie Schurz and Austin Hoggard|
Date experiment was performed: September 6 and September 7| |


Purpose: The purpose of the experiment was to use various lab equipment and lab techniques to separate a mixture of salt, sand, and water. Background: An element is the simplest form of a substance that retains the properties of that substance. A compound is a substance formed by combining two or more elements set in fixed proportions. A mixture is a system of two or more distinct chemical substances. Unlike compounds, mixtures can be physically combined. Because the components are physically combined, they can also be separated using physical properties. Physical properties are properties that do not change the chemical nature of matter. In this lab, a mixture of salt and sand will be separated using the listed equipment and separation techniques. Hypothesis: If a mixture of sand (3.3g), salt (1.2g), and water is separated using filtration and boiling point, then most of the sand and salt will be recovered. Safety Information: During the experiment, appropriate safety wear should be worn at all times such as: goggles and an apron (to prevent salt or hot water from entering the eye). Beaker tongs should be used to remove the heater beaker from the appropriate heating fixture and then it should be carefully transported onto the designated pressed fiber pad to cool. Materials and Methods

* Graduated cylinder
* Small beaker (100 mL)
* Large beaker (600 mL)
* Hot plate
* Small ring
* Funnel
* Filter paper
* Glass stir rod with rubber policeman
* Hot mitts
* Beaker tongs
* Pressed fiber pad
* Weigh boat
* Electronic balance
* Scoops
* Salt and sand sample
* water

Experimental Procedure
1. Put on appropriate safety wear.
2. Begin this experiment with 47 mL of water, 1.2 g of salt, and 3.3g of sand. *...
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