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Mixology is the study of cocktails,mixed drinks,and their ingredients.Those who study mixology—mixologists or bartenders—generally work in restaurants,bars,hotels,private clubs and resorts,and on cruise lines.Each environment has its own challenges,but all share some basic principles for setting up and managing an efficient and profitable operation. The Bartender

Good bartenders share a common set of traits and follow certain guidelines that spell success or failure for the bar operation. See Figure 35-1 on page 848.They must have expertise in mixology and thorough knowledge of and adherence to sanitary laws regarding alcohol service. They should possess good organizational skills and practice good cost control. The ability to recognize behavioral cues indicating levels of intoxication is critical to an establishment’s survival in today’s society. Bar Opening Procedures

Follow appropriate procedures for opening the bar to ensure efficiency.Develop and use checklists to make sure that each task is completed every time the bar is opened. To open a bar: 1. Begin by checking the cash register.First,ensure that the previous shift has been closed out properly. Then count the bank,or cash that has been issued in the presence of a manager, and ensure that it is correct. Make sure that there are ample quantities of guest checks or paper for the POS printer.

2. Place clean ashtrays and books of matches on the bar if appropriate. 3. Fill the three-compartment sink: (1) wash, (2) rinse, (3) sanitize.Wash any soiled glasses, and leave them on the drain board. See Figure 35-2 on page 849. 4. Check bottled drinks; rotate and restock them according to established bar stocks. Restock liquor issued for the day, and turn in empty bottles for inventory control. 5. Clean the soda gun. Check soda levels and carbon dioxide pressure. 6. Check fruit garnishes, fruit juices, cream, and other bar mixes. Wash containers, refill, and refrigerate.

7. Prepare garnishes sufficient...
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