Mixed Economy

Topics: Economic system, Mixed economy, Planned economy Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Mixed economy
-Both the state and private sector direct the economy
-All of the economies are mixed economy since no economy is running pure planned economy or market economy -Market price decided by both market and states

(i) Allocation Function:
Government has to provide for public goods. Public goods such as national defense, government administration and so on are different from private goods. These goods cannot be provided through market mechanism but are essential for consumers and therefore, government has to provide them. Because of that government has to allocate resources between private goods and public goods. Private goods are limited to some individual or individuals but public goods are available to all. Secondly, private goods are available to those only who can buy them but this is not the case with regard to public goods. These are available to those also who can't afford them financially, (ii) Distribution Function:

Through its tax and expenditure policy government affects distribution of personal income of households in a manner which is just and fair. As such it taxes the rich and spends for the schemes which benefit more the poor. (iii) Stabilization Function:

Economy of a country is affected by economic fluctuations such as conditions of boom and depression. Such changes benefit some and harm others. In such a situation appropriate policy measures are required by the government to affect the levels of aggregate demand. Such measures are called stabilization measures. These measures aim at avoiding the situations of inflation and unemployment.

In a free-market economy resource allocation is determined by individuals' and groups' willingness and ability to pay for them. Most of the US economy follows free market principles. In a command economy the government dictates resource allocation, as in the USSR. In a mixed economy some resources are allocated by the free market while others are allocated as in a command economy. When the...
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