Mixed Development

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For the second semester in our first year degree, the focus is on the preparation of the layout plan. For the first project, we have to understand the meaning and the whole aspect of Mixed Development. The studio is divided into 10 groups with each given different case study area. We as group five which consist of five members, have been given to study about the development at Putra Heights, Subang Jaya. We are required to investigate and make a report based on our findings. We also need to provide a literature review about mixed development. To complete this task, we had to do research. Beside that, we went to the local authority and private company to get the information about the site. Based on our findings, we had done a report containing the information about the mixed development which related to our site which is Putra Heights. We also, need to do a presentation and conclude our findings. Objective of project 1,

This task was designed in order to archive the objectives of this task: * To enhanced our knowledge on the applications of guidelines especially in the physical development. * To gained knowledge and applications in the practice of physical planning principles. * To get the sense of awareness in analysing planning issues and problems specifically to a mixed development project. * To further enhance our presentation skills via graphic, report writing and presentation. * To train us to become a critical observer and able to justify the urban planning issues and problems in the real situation in the current practices of urban planning.

1.3 Methodology

2.1 Definition
“Mixed multi-used design development are the variety of public and private functions take place within a complex, such as arts and entertainment, retail, office, and workspace, as well as residential” (David Bell & Mark Jayne, 2004)

According to David and Mark, mixed development is a mix of different types of function of a building that is placed in a perimeter. For example, the place is equipped with different types of buildings such as housing, office and others. “ Unique type of development and a trend that is revolutionizing the real estate landscape. Combining the elements of residential, retail, office and entertainment” (2006)

“A mixed used development is a real estate project with planned integration of some combination of retail office, residential, hotels, recreation or other functions. It is pedestrian-oriented and contains element of a live-work-play environment. It maximizes space usage, has amenities and architectural expression and tends to mitigate traffic and sprawl” (first industry-wide conference on Mixed-used, 2006)

The above quote is mention from a conference at Hollywood to discuss about the definition of mixed development. The conference are attended by four leading association provide industry, which are the International Council of Shopping Centre, Inc. (ICSC), the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP), the building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA), and the National Multi Housing Council (NMHC). Their point of view is quite similar to David and Mark. However, at the conference they stated that the mixed development must contain the element of live-work-play environment. This element are much likely related to the amenities.

“ The integrative approach attempts to involve people in a process whereby they identify their own needs and preferred courses of action. These considerations are part of the process of organizing, choosing priorities, mobilizing support for a proposal, and engaging in the implementation of the project. Thus, a specific problem such as housing, sewage, or social services may be the beginning of a deeper exploration of the community’s problem.” (Henry Sanoff, 2000)

According to Henry Sanoff, he said that mixed-development is more to the element of social. He...
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