Mitten Crab Invasion Solution

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Mitten Crab Invasion
Solution To The Problem And Previous Method That Has Been Proposed

When it comes to dealing with invasive species, invasive species policy and management must be implemented to ensure that invasion is both effectively controlled and prevented. In “Biological Invasions: Recommendations for U.S. Policy and Management,” Lodge et al. (2006) propose six actions necessary in successfully performing invasion management and prevention, such as techniques to manage commercial pathways and providing funding for programs to slow invasion.

Some of these actions can be directly applied to the Chinese mitten crab invasion across the US. For example, Lodge et al. suggest that diagnostic technologies should be used to monitor invasive species in order to enable efficient responses to invasions. In an effort to develop new management methods for the Chinese mitten crab, scientists have attempted to locate larvae patches and insert tracking devices to examine the crab’s movement. These devices would allow scientists to determine larval trajectories in estuarine and marine water. (Dittel and Epifanio 2009).) In the case of the Chinese mitten crab, using technology would improve invasion management because knowledge of the movement patterns of its larvae would enable scientists to confine increasing crab populations before they can fully develop. Thus, it still has more room for advancement, the use of new technology may serve as an effective strategy of invasion management in the future.

In the past, when dealing with the huge population of Chinese mitten crabs, German fishermen usually used the crabs to product soaps or animal feed, or simply killed them in large quantity. However, no significant result was achieved. At the same time, they opposed the idea of killing crabs with chemical drugs, because they would also kill other fishes including eel. Later, fishermen near Ludwig-Maximilians area became the first batch to “eat the crabs”. They...
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