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Mitt Romney

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Governor Mitt Romney is currently the Governor of Massachusetts, and is running for President of the United States of America. Governor Romney is 59 years old, and is married to Ann Romney, and has been for 37 years. Together the couple has five sons, and nine grandchildren. Mitt grew up just outside Detroit in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and is the son of George Romney who was the 43rd Governor of Michigan. Mitt Romney served a two and a half year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in France when he was nineteen years old. He attended Stanford University, Brigham Young University, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Business School, and received his joint Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration with highest honors in many of these schools. In 1978, Romney became the vice president of Bain & Company, Inc., and in 1984, he left the company to make a private equity investment firm, Bain Capital, and he helped save companies such as Domino's, Brookstone, Sports Authority, Staples, and Sealy Corporation by investing or buying them, and as a result, he helped save millions of jobs. In the 90's, Governor Romney returned to Bain & Co. as CEO, and rescued it from a huge fall, and reorganized company. Less than a year later, Romney had turned the company around, and saved millions of jobs again. Because of Romney's success in business, He was head of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games Organizing Committee. He was elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, and helped bring the state out of financial crisis without increasing taxes or debt. Again, as governor, Romney helped save jobs, and helped undo much damage.

Today Romney is running for president as a conservative republican. I believe that his strongest point to his campaign is his ability to fix economic problems. His financial work in his business, his experience in the Olympics, and his term as Governor has made his economic skills very strong. He believes in keeping our jobs...

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