Mitigating Threats from the Network

Topics: Network management, Network monitoring, Packet analyzer Pages: 5 (1785 words) Published: March 2, 2013

People around the world connects through a network which we primarily use in social networks, business, school works and e-commerce, online banking and also for comminicating with others such as emails or instant chats. According to Sundaram, a network is a system of interconnected computers, whose basic idea is allow people to remote access to geographically distant resources without having to be physically present, it is designed to send data back and forth to stay connected. Basically defines as we use our personal computers as means of connecting through the internet and sharing and gathering information from around the world. The New Lexicon Webster;s Encylopedic Dictionary of the English Language defines network as "any set of interlinking lines resembiling a net, a network of roads an interconnected system, a network of alliances". In our generation, computers are basically used for everything, we use the computer for studies, work, business, and most of the time by just enjoying or for leisure time. It has been a huge challenge for network administrators in protecting the network and its vulnerabilities. Since it is a trend especially the hackers who tend to manipulate or retrieve crucial and confidential data from users. Especially now the trend of e-commerce website, it is a huge risk especially when users input their credit card numbers and other important details, it is a huge challenge for network engineers and administrators to protect their network from threats inside and outside the network. Coffey states that Network Security is very important; the internet has grown and developed to reach the figure of several million units of computers that are connected in various parts of the world. Primarily, the main purpose of having network security is to prevent loss and misuse of data and to protect the network from threats and vulnerabilities. Sundaram states that whether the networks are large or small, it is irrelevant in terms of the importance of network security. To make it more simplified, the aim of network security is to protect the network itself and its components from outside networks, threats, unauthorize access and misuse of the network itself. according to kumar, threats can be classified into two major categories such as external and internal threats which also include malware problem and hackers. While Sundaram says that those two categories are logic or resource attacks. Cola states in an article that network security affects many organizations, whether they are large, small, or government organizations. If Network security is breached an intruder can do all sorts of harm. In a more concise way, network security provides assurance for all the users in giving them state of mind that the network is protected and it is safe to store their personal data through the internet. without network security, information could be easily tampered, modified or stolen by hackers or can be an easy target for malwares. Also, there can be many downfalls or negative effect on the network if the network is not secured or the simply the network security is not well implemented. Securing the network provides assurance to its users since they will not think twice when they enter personal datas such as credit card and billing information, identity and other personal information. Sundaram says that the best approach to implementing a good network security strategy is to be well-prepared for attacks. In such way, network security also provides preventive measures, with this, it helps to stop unauthorized users from getting and penetrating the network. Network security also avoids anti spamming, trojans, viruses, malwares, spamwares, and many more that can potentially damage the entire network. with the extensive growth of the internet genration and its users around the world, with different types of security attacks that can potentially harm the network and the computers interconnected within the...
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