Mithi Concept Paper

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Proposed MITHI Concept Paper
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Agency:| Inter-Country Adoption Board |
Title:| Human Resource Management System|
Rationale and Proposal Background| In the rapid exchange Information and Technology nowadays some of our job is a one-click away. Most of our transaction is now computer operated; we can monitor all of our activity in our agency in just one-click. We can use the massive innovation of our technology to make our monitoring of our employee by means of this aspect. It can be a comprehensive solution for the efficient management and development of the agency’s human resource function. An integrated software and hardware platforms to help the agency align technology and operations with business strategy. This system can be bundled as a Value-Added Solution with your existing offering which will not increase the productivity but would also be mode of additional human resource capacity. The system consists of enterprise HR/Payroll capabilities. The product will allow corporate sales forces and franchises to use payroll tools to archive tremendous efficiencies in their payroll processes. Agency will be able to create a road map of their business plans that corporate managers can monitor and adjust accordingly. The possibility exists to customize the product to work with other time Attendance and ERP system.Some of our agency is still using the old payroll system that is manually computed by them. There is lots of software that can be use for this problem. We all know that it is cost much. Some major problems that can be solved by the are Human Resource Management System the following:| Objective(s)/ Expected Results:| The Human Resource Management System is a very useful and can implement at the same time. This are following specific objectives: 1. Manage all aspect of Human Resource Management. 2. Manage your employee payroll 3. Easily define job categories, skill and requirements. 4. Define and set pay categories and scales. 5. Organize and keep track of employee personal information. 6. Allow employees to update and view their own personal information. 7. Manage your employee leave( such as, leave entitlement, balance and history) 8. Manage your employee benefits. 9. Manage your employee recruitment.| Operational Concept, Schedule & Deliverables| The Human Resource Management System is an in-house project that will manage by the ICAB admin. Project Phase| Description| Specific Outputs| Assessment| This phase involves consultation and dialogue with partners on the following matters: 1. Discussing what’s the right system for the agency and appropriate for the employee 2. Assess the availability of technical requirements needed like data infrastructure, IT equipment and technical capabilities of agencies 3. Determine financial and manpower support and/or requirements.| * Requirements analysis and feasibility study results * | Strategic Direction| This phase deals with the following activities: 1. Implementation in accordance with the Admin of the office. 2. Refinement of objectives. 3. Determination of financial resources and logistical requirements. 4. Data processing capabilities and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions. 5. Project responsibility and accountability matrix. 6. Project timelines.| * Project planSystem design and resource requirements documentation| Project Development and Management| Requirements analysis and feasibility study results.| * System modules| Testing and Implementation| A pilot test will be conducted for at least two months whereby the project will be fully tested. The project will be continuously enhanced based on the feedback given during the pilot testing. An assessment protocol will also be employed to test the accessibility and retrieval of information/data.| * Assessment protocol and test cases * User feedback * Revised system| Final...
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