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Find a particular point where are three authors’ ideas connecting (people are greedy...) According to Laurence shames on the fact that people are greedy, argues that the already rich people whose hunger for more and more has dominated the business sector. This greed cannot be linked to any reasonable need. Many people have been accused of embezzling funds because of not being contended by the income they get. Other people have been beyond the bounds of social propriety. Things beyond reason and ambition leading to runaway avarice have triggered to these actions. It is clear that because of high yield in the junk bonds, it lead to mergers as well as acquisitions leading to a sheer volume of trading. There were unperceived amount of cash flowing to the direction of the Wall Street. As a result, people who had been weaned or gained the idea of acquiring money were unable to pull themselves out of the candy counter.

Thomas Hine talks of what is in the package, according to him there is a fantastic deal much far to what is expected and perceived to be in the package. It is clear that what had been packaged in these containers were calculated carefully to control the consumption rate. These packages are the final pay off the manufactures in the marketing campaign. In the market place where these products are sold, they act as the emotional life cycle of the package. Once a product is taken, home the usefulness of the product it contains becomes paramount. Some packages are selling even at home, and what they do is enticing the consumer to take more of them until they are exhausted. The greed of people again is shown in this context where due to large unit of packages and the enticing outfit of these products leads to people consuming more and more.

Joan Korn presents the features of this greedy person whose motto is to spend every penny he makes in his life. All his money goes to furnishing his life and a...

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