Misusing of Mobile Phone

Topics: Mobile phone, Push-button telephone, Rotary dial Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: December 5, 2012
The influences of mishandling mobile phones

Fok Ho Yin

In recent years, mishandling mobile phones has caused amounts of social and safety risks. Mishandle of mobile phones means that using mobile phones in wrong ways, which including place, time and purpose. It is common for people owning a mobile phone nowadays in this technological era. As people being more convenience, more problems rise.

As a kind of interpersonal media, mobile phones are giving people with an opportunity to create new connections with others and to bear them (Power and Horstmansh, 2004). Mobile phone is a main tool which forming interactions efficiently in the social prospects. This kind of interpersonal media plays an important role in the field of communication. People are benefited to involve to larger social networks and can interact more frequently without limitations of time and venue with the use of mobile phones (Larsen, Axhausen & Urry, 2006; Ling, 2004; Pertierra, 2005; Rettie, 2008).

However, mobile phones have caused a lot of social hazards, if mishandled. Ling (2005) claimed that many of criminal acts are linked with mobile phone usages such as fights, theft and alcohol, etc. The overall trickery cases are the problem noticeably increasing. It is because the number of telephone deceptions is obviously growing. Thus, the concord of society or community is swayed. To prevent telephone deception cases, a succession of high profile public education campaigns and advertisements have to be introduced (Hong Kong Police Force Review, 2010).

The other deplorable impact brought by mishandling mobile phones is the safety hazards. Bianchi and Philips (2005) and Palen et al. (2008) stated that teenagers using mobile phones at the places which are prohibited such as petrol stations and hospitals. Using mobile phones in petrol stations will make risk of explosion, while mobile phones are used in hospitals, it would...
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