Misunderstandings of Money

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Money; There are huge varieties of thoughts and ideas of what comes to mind when thinking of money. It may include happiness, luxury, or for some, the root of all problems. As money is an essential part of life, money alone cannot buy happiness but instead creates distress, causing downfalls to one’s being. In Willa Cather’s “Paul’s Case,” Paul, the protagonist views money as the key to escape his poor life and live the fabulous life he deserves. As other factors shape Paul’s way of viewing money as the escape route, it only leads him to an undesirable path. Paul’s misunderstanding of the value of money leads to unrelenting disappointments, resulting in his tragic downfall. “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather tells a story of a young boy who dreams the life of riches. He sees his life as an embarrassment and is ashamed of his social status as a middle class being and believes that he is trapped in a life that he was mistakenly born into. Humiliated by every aspect of his existence; cramped house, simple clothing, Making his home fester with "ugly sleeping chambers, old bathrooms with the grimy zinc tub, cracked mirror and dripping spigot," all falter desperately in comparison to the gigantic sky scrapers filled with contemporary artists and songs erupting magnificently into the streets (Todd). Paul conceives that the only way out is money. Unable to grasp the reality of his life and future, Paul is stuck in his own fantasyland. Although lustful with the art world and the expensive life, he has no interest in being a part of it, but to simply just be surrounded by the artistry and wealth. To get to this life of riches, should come with hard work and patience, but the protagonist has no interest in this cash-boy stage, but to simply be handed with this life of luxury. This childish, ignorant thinking of his only leads to huge disappointments. Although Paul experiences living the wealthy life he believes he deserves, the short week of perfection and happiness quickly...
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