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Assignment on International business



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Topic: Globalisation is radically changing the

International business environment by creating a

‘Global village’ discusses the case for and against

This statement when applied to the interaction of

Companies and their customers, giving reasons

Examples which support your views.

Table of content



List of content--------------------------------------------------------------------------------III


Main body of the report---------------------------------------------------------------------V

Globalization concept and history-------------------------------------------------------A

The influence of Globalization on International Business-----------------------B

Global economic crisis all recession----------------------------------------------------C

Global business environment--------------------------------------------------------------D

What are Inter relationship between customers and Companies--------------E

Effect of globalization on customers companies relationship--------------------F



Appendix-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VI Reference-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------V ITITLE

An analysis of the occurrence of Globalisation and it step in changing the international business environment by creating a global village as applied to the interaction of companies and their customers. IISummary

The assignment analyses globalization history concept, the influence of globalization on business, the global recession, the Foreign direct investment, the outsourcing, The effect of international business and finally the effect on business consumer relation which also gives conclusion and recommendation.

In time past, Businesses all around the world existed in their regional and national macro- economy having no business interaction or relationship with the world macro-economy. in the occurrence of the 19th and 20th century. However, giving technological and transportation improvement of the day business has access to areas where it would have been difficult to reach. The presence of regional association e.g European Union, ECOWAS has foster peace and countries now sign treaties in the name of peace and profit shattering political, cultural differences. According to (Alan A, 2000), Today, more and more global and multinational companies are present in various part of the world. Moreover, The advent of IT (computerization and Internet) causes consumers in countries are now having access to verse array of goods all around the world, producing rub on effect on the quantity and quality of goods the can have leading to improved standard of living. These study analysis the advent of globalization; it studies how it affects the international environment with the paradigm view analysis point of view of companies’ relationship with its customers. It is meant to analyses globalization and proves or either disapproves the existence of a global village using a wide range of practical examples and theoretical bar ground.
A Globalization concept and history
The major Assumption of (Morrison 2010) Although there are many...
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