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Vodacom South Africa

Vodacom is one of the biggest telecommunication service providers in Africa. Discuss the marketing mix that they are currently using with the use of relevant examples.

Vodacom is the largest service provider in Africa and offers innovative products and services. It has brought many firsts to the South African market such as the Blackberry Storm. Vodacom uses the traditional marketing mix elements such as price, product, place and promotion. All of these elements are combined to satisfy a specific target market. In the marketing mix there are many other factors that affect this marketing mix such as delivery of the service, the organisational system and the environment in which the service is delivered. These are the combination of marketing decisions designed to influence customers to buy a company’s products or services. This is how Vodacom’s combines these elements in its marketing mix to become one the most successful service providers in Africa.

The purpose of product is to ensure that the product characteristics match the benefits sought by the target customers. Vodacom offers products such as mobile broadband, voice messaging, cellular phones, accessories and contracts. All of these products and services have been tailored to suite different customers. They have different features which are more suitable for teenagers for example:twitter ,watsapp, mxit, BBM and facebook. Other products are more business orientated for work ie: being able to get your e-mail on your phone. The phone contracts for example come with different phones and the subscription fee differs, with either per second billing or per minute billing. By diversifying different contracts they are able to reach a wider target market from the very young to the more mature , more financially stable people. Along with their products and services they offer a wide range of accessories (ad-on-sale) like...
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