Topics: Gender role, Family, Homemaker Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The raising of children has traditionally
been viewed as the role of a housewife.
While the husband worked during the
day, a housewife would feed, clothe,
bathe, entertain and teach their children.
Once the child is old enough to attend
preschool or kindergarten parents, may
be inclined to send him to school,
reducing the required time for child-
rearing. A housewife may also be
responsible to pick up children from
school and drive them to extracurricular
activities like sports.
Another role of a housewife is
maintaining the upkeep of the house.
Tasks like cleaning, washing the dishes,
doing the laundry, ironing clothes,
dusting, keeping the fridge and pantry
stocked and going grocery shopping if
need be are all completed by a
housewife. Ensuring that the house is
tidy, clean and nicely decorated has
traditionally be attributed to the
housewife, though this expectation has
Preparing Meals
Besides purchasing food, the other major
role of a housewife is to prepare the
meals for the family. Dinner in
particularly is a meal that has
traditionally be prepared by the
housewife for her husband after he
returns home from work. In some
households a husband's lunch also is
made by the housewife. As most families
in the United States have two working
parents, meal preparation no longer is
solely the task of the wife, as more
families eat out.
Changing Gender Roles
Traditional gender roles have changed.
The roles of a housewife aren't as clear
as they were 50 years ago, as of 2011. The
study "The Role of Househusband and
Housewife as Perceived by a College
Population" by Diane Wentworth and
Robert Chell in 2000 revealed that
women generally questioned the current
structure of household roles. The
replacement of the term housewife with
the politically correct term "homemaker"
is another indication of the changing
gender roles, as more men are choosing
to stay home and be more involved...
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