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Chapter 3
International Financial Markets Lecture Outline
Motives for Using International Financial Markets
Motives for Investing in Foreign Markets Motives for Providing Credit in Foreign Markets Motives for Borrowing in Foreign Markets

Foreign Exchange Market
History of Foreign Exchange Foreign Exchange Transactions Interpreting Foreign Exchange Quotations Currency Futures and Options Markets

International Money Market
Origins and Development Standardizing Global Bank Regulations

International Credit Market
Syndicated Loans

International Bond Market
Eurobond Market Development of Other Bond Markets

Comparing Interest Rates Among Currencies International Stock Markets Issuance of Foreign Stock in the U.S. Issuance of Stock in Foreign Markets

Comparison of International Financial Markets How Financial Markets Affect an MNC’s Value



International Financial Management

Chapter Theme
This chapter identifies and discusses the various international financial markets used by MNCs. These markets facilitate day-to-day operations of MNCs, including foreign exchange transactions, investing in foreign markets, and borrowing in foreign markets.

Topics to Stimulate Class Discussion
1. Why do international financial markets exist? 2. How do banks serve international financial markets? 3. Which international financial markets are most important to a firm that consistently needs short-term funds? What about a firm that needs long-term funds?

POINT/COUNTER-POINT: Should Firms That Go Public Engage in International Offerings? POINT: Yes. When a U.S. firm issues stock to the public for the first time in an initial public offering (IPO), it is naturally concerned about whether it can place all of its shares at a reasonable price. It will be able to issue its stock at a higher price by attracting more investors. It will increase its demand by spreading the stock across countries. The higher the price at which it can issue stock, the lower is its cost of using equity capital. It can also establish a global name by spreading stock across countries. COUNTER-POINT: No. If a U.S. firm spreads its stock across different countries at the time of the IPO, there will be less publicly-traded stock in the U.S. Thus, it will not have as much liquidity in the secondary market. Investors desire stocks that they can easily sell in the secondary market, which means that they require that the stocks have liquidity. To the extent that a firm reduces its liquidity in the U.S. by spreading its stock across countries, it may not attract sufficient U.S. demand for the stock in the U.S. Thus, its efforts to create global name recognition may reduce its name recognition in the U.S. WHO IS CORRECT? Use InfoTrac or some other search engine to learn more about this issue. Which argument do you support? Offer your own opinion on this issue. ANSWER: The key is that students recognize the tradeoff involved. A firm that engages in a relatively small IPO will have limited liquidity even when all of the stock is issued in the U.S. Thus, it should not consider issuing stock internationally. However, firms with larger stock offerings may be in a position to issue a portion of their shares outside the U.S. They should not spread the stocks across several countries, but perhaps should target one or two countries where they conduct substantial business. They want to ensure sufficient liquidity in each of the foreign countries where they sell shares.

Chapter 3: International Financial Markets


Answers to End of Chapter Questions
1. Motives for Investing in Foreign Money Markets. Explain why an MNC may invest funds in a financial market outside its own country. ANSWER: The MNC may be able to earn a higher interest rate on funds invested in a financial market outside of its own country. In addition, the exchange rate of the currency involved may be expected to appreciate. 2. Motives for Providing Credit in Foreign Markets....
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