Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Employment Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Question No. 1:
NDA uses a participatory style of people management.
Currently the issue that NDA is due to its high retirement rates NDA finds it difficult to attract new and skilled employees. •For this NDA is doing:
oProviding its employees with training opportunities
oSponsoring university students for relevant programs
oLinking itself with national initiatives to co-ordinate itself with industry’s training opportunities. •NDA also tries its best to motivate its employees along the guidelines provided by Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs by providing a safe and secure environment, good conditions and challenging people to improve. •Along with this NDA also recognizes the needs of its self-motivated employees(the Y theory) and its style of management is based on the following assumptions: oPeople want to work

oThey can be self-disciplined
oThey seek responsibility
Their management techniques help them gain the best out of their employees while fulfilling their needs.

Question No. 2:
The theories followed by NDA to motivate its employees are as follows: oMaslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:
The theory suggest that people have different levels of needs and you need to fulfill the lower level needs before you can fulfill the high level needs. To fulfill these needs NDA is following certain practices, these include: •Pension schemes to help develop a sense of security amongst its employees; therefore meeting the needs of safety of an employee. •Promotion opportunities too can be a ladder towards the achievement of self-actualization •Training programs are arranged by NDA to help employees reach the self-actualization stage.  

o Theory Y
The style of management that NDA uses is based on this theory. Employees that follow this theory are believed to be self-directed and want to assume responsibility. Thus NDA has restructured its organization style to be better equipped to deal with such employees. •For instance NDA allows its...
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