Mistake to Avoid in Resume

Topics: Employment Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: December 21, 2012
1. Don’t make it long and rambling: More information in lesser words is always appreciated, whether it is a speech, a report or even a book. A huge pile of pages is often kept aside for some time later, and very often that time never comes. The same applies to your resume. You exceed two sheets and the first reaction is a groan. The interest will begin to fade from that very moment and will also reflect during the interview. So how do you keep your resume short? Stick to the point. Don’t add information that has no relevance to the job you are applying for. Your employer doesn’t want to know your accomplishments in school and college, the first prize you got in the science project and the quiz contest you won. Certain accomplishments which highlight certain traits in your personality that would be required in the job are welcome, such as organizing an event all by yourself, leading a team that won, etc. So work on your resume thoroughly and add only relevant information.

2. Don't list irrelevant work experience: Many of us list out the details of all the jobs we have had over our lifetime, which could be across different fields requiring different sets of skills. A weak resume will take pride in highlighting everything. A smart resume will deftly leave these things out. Therefore, if over your 15-year work experience only 12 years are relevant to the current job, then knock out the remaining three years. You will be doing yourself and the recruiter a favour. The recruiter only wants to know the skills and accomplishments that will help his company, and nothing else. However, if you do want to make sure there are no gaps in between experiences, a single sentence about the other experiences will suffice.

3. Don't ignore the objective: Do you want to grow professionally in a challenging environment? Or, do you want to contribute to taking the company to newer heights? Sadly, everyone wants to do so. And sadly, everyone writes this out in as many words. Being...
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