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Project: Health

In this project, you will be using Health as a theme to focus your literacy development. During the classes, you will be improving your literacy skills by: * Understanding how language is used:

* Fact/opinion/bias;
* Audience and purpose;
* Formality of language;
* Understanding sentence structures, tense and punctuation use; * Improving vocabulary and understanding spellings via root words, prefixes and suffixes and proofreading; * Studying cohesion via understanding paragraphs, structure and linking words and phrases; * Planning, drafting and writing;

* Improving speaking and listening confidence in presentations and discussions; PART 1: Campaigner
You are a health campaigner for a local firm. Your job is to communicate with the community, specifically school children (primary and secondary) and social groups e.g. W.I., slimming clubs etc. Design and give a presentation promoting one of the following: 1. Healthy Eating for Teenagers (healthy diet/obesity/anorexia/junk food/skin) 2. Healthy Mind for Mums (stress/balanced lifestyle/mental health/getting organised/help) 3. Healthy Body for Children (specific sports/activities/consoles and games/local clubs)

* If you are an E3 or level 1 student, you may plan, write and do the presentation with one other person. * If you are a level 2 student, you must plan, write and do the presentation on your own. Presentations should be done using PowerPoint or Prezi. For help on using these, please visit the library staff who should be able to help you. Presentations should be between 5 and 15 minutes long. There will be a discussion afterwards. Please be prepared to ask and answer questions. PART 2: Plan and reflect upon the project

Use the sheet over the page to record your thought processes and learning journey. Deadline for all tasks: Ask tutor and write it here:
Assessment will be based on the following criteria and adjusted according to...
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