Mississippi Burning Essay

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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In the Movie “Mississippi Burning” we witness various typed of discrimination, civil rights movement, and many over issues that were reflected on and ignored. Firstly we see many ways that coloured people’s civil rights were rejected and abused by everyone including the law enforcement themselves. Throughout this essay I will explain and reflect all the different typed of issues and how they are applied throught the film and how they relate to people today.

Inalienable rights are proclaimed to be “natural rights” by nations. These are rights that are given to us and cannot be taken away, removed, or denied. Some examples of these are the right of your free speech, the right of assembly, the right to the integrity of one’s person and the right to life. The personal rights to life, speech and liberty are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Human rights belong to each person as an individual. Wherever the person lives or works, the rights are applied. These rights are a part of every individual. No one may revoke them, unless it’s due to an extraordinary circumstance. Human rights are fundamental rights, especially the ones that are believed to belong to a certain person and in whose exercise a government is not allowed to get in the way of. This includes the right to speak, associate, work, along with a variety of others. A human right is a claim that is based exclusively on the dignity of being human. Legal or civil rights are entitlements or claims that have come up from the need to set up parameters which will allow people to live without harm in a state or community and to live cooperatively. Civil rights are the rights to full social, legal and economic equality. These rights are recognized by governments, which allow each citizen to participate in government, with certain obligations and to a varying degree. Human rights and legal rights are not the same thing, although many times they do overlap, they also can sometimes stand to be complete opposites. These rights are the rights that form the content of government constitutions and charters of freedom. In society, we have numerous types of issues and concerns. These include personal or individual concerns and social or communal concerns. Personal or individual concerns involve a person themself and the things that involve them. They are issues that do not involve others and the community, but involve exclusively one’s own personal concerns. For example, a personal or individual concern can include someone’s husband cheating on them. This issue strictly involves the people in the relationship. In no way is the community or society needed to deal with this situation. Another type of concerns are social or communal concerns. These concerns involve more than just a person, but look at the bigger picture. These types of concerns move away from small personal issues, and move towards greater issues that can have an effect on a community and the people living within it. Social concerns also include the interactions between people within a community, and are controversial issues. Examples of social concerns are racism, immigration, gay rights, and censorship. These issues would involve more than just a single person and their concerns. These issues would involve communities in their entirety. These are the types of issue that get groups of citizens together to voice their concerns and discuss issues. Person or individual issues are exactly what their name says; they belong to a person or an individual. Social or communal issues, as their name states, involve a society or community. Although these two types of issues may be difficult to distinguish between at times, they are still two separate issues. Majority of situations and concerns in our lives will be personal or individual concerns, but there may come a time when we must deal with a social or communal concern. An issue is a matter of personal/ individual concern vs. social/communal concern when...
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