Missionary Apostolate

Topics: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Blessed Virgin Mary, Juan Diego Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Missionary Apostolate pp. 289 – 301

What was the basic difference between how the Catholic and Protestant settlers saw the native peoples?

* In North America the Spanish and French Catholic settlers saw the native people as human beings who should be protected, who could learn Spanish or French culture, and who could be converted and intermarry with Europeans. The English and Dutch Protestant settlers tended to see the natives as reprobates who may be killed and have their lands seized.

What was the importance of Fr. Bartolome de las Casas?

* He was the first priest in the New World. He renounced his encomienda and fought to eradicate Indian and African slavery. 

When St. Francis Xavier arrived in India, how did he counter the scandalous activities of the European settlers there? * He worked for five months to reform their immoral behaviors. What made St. Francis Xavier so successful?

* Besides his tireless activity, he learned the languages of the peoples he evangelized and displayed a simple charity toward all. What was St. Francis Xavier’s legacy?
* He converted tens of thousands of Indians. St. Francis Xavier always left behind well-trained successors and a strong administrative structure to continue to serve the newly evangelized peoples. According to tradition, who brought Christianity to India?

* St. Thomas the Apostle brought Christianity to India.
Is this tradition true?
* The scholarly consensus is that this tradition seems to be true. What is known about St. Thomas Christians?
* Though they left no written records, they were influenced by Nestorianism, which had proliferated in Mesopotamia; enjoyed a high status in Indian society; and had an archdeacon in charge; parish councils; a liturgy that included days of fasting and abstinence; and churches similar in style to Hindu temples and Jewish synagogues. How did the missionaries in India practice inculturation?

* They assimilated local customs, learned...
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