Mission Statement Evaluation

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Based on your mission statement assignment, please answer the following questions:

1. What is your company/brand doing to engage with their customers on social media? If not, what are your suggestions?

Ron M. Landsman, P.A. has a Facebook page for a person and place (no company page). The person page is the one that the firm uses as its medium to communicate about monthly seminars given by the owner and, from time to time, share a link to an article. The firm also used Facebook to create a mailing list (maybe an attempt to create a base of customers who actually want to be on such list). The firm’s website very deliberately shows that the firm is on Facebook (in a static side panel).

It seems that right now there are no other posts but only about the seminars. My suggestion would be to make the Facebook page more informative and interactive for the 294 friends and less about Ron only and more about other team members. It can be achieved by:

* posting more relevant links for people to read (Ron creates occasional newsletter, Landsman’s Lagniappe, which could be easily shared via Facebook – the firm’s website is set up to hold current and previous newsletters); * posting photos/videos from the seminars (only parts) to give more insight into the set-up and their delivery method; * in absolute lack of the two above (which should not happen) – reposting other firms posts (Ron has plenty of lawyer-friends who either create their own blogs, newsletters, or they simply post on their Facebook pages. He was not afraid to recommend someone to go to another lawyer – either because of the specific case or because it was more convenient for the client); and * Creating the info page with more detailed profiles for other lawyers and firm’s employees. The firm receives many testimonials that name particular people who helped. Having those profile pages would even more encourage customers to leave feedback to the person they want to thank. 2. If an...
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