Mission Statement and Communication A. Method

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  • Published : May 27, 2011
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Generic Communication Plan
Albert Guerra, Brandon Boze, Dennis Truman
Tim Lane, Virginia Barber
May 5, 2011
Miriam Dozier

Generic Communication Plan
Communication Plan Goal
I. Develop an objective for the organization - Service or Product A. Define and describe the mission statement
B. Define and describe the vision statement
C. Define and describe the organizational values
II. Strategic Plan
A. Explain the short- and long-term objectives
B. Conduct a SWOTT analysis and identify -
* Strengths
* Weaknesses
* Opportunities
* Threats
* Trends
C. Explain the measurable metrics used in the analysis
I. Primary Audience
A. Characteristics
B. Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors
C. Barriers
D. Benefits
E. Demographics
II. Secondary Audience
A. Goal achieved
* Who does it affect?
* Influences
* Motivation
Plan Implementation and Data Collection
I. Implementation
A. Define the steps to accomplish activities
B. Ascertain those who will execute the plan
C. Create a timeline
D. Develop a budget
II. Data Collection
A. Identify action items and issues throughout the timeline
B. Identify owners of the action items
III. Develop a Message
A. Importance of issue
B. Relevance
C. Put a face on the issue
D. Tie issue to audience members with values, beliefs, and interests. E. Ensure the value of the message (as in questions and answers) F. Make lasting impression
IV. Ensure Effectiveness
A. Clarity
B. Consistency
C. Main Points
D. Tone and appeal
E. Credibility
F. Need
Channels of Communication
I. Internal communication
A. Method of communication
•· Board of Directors
•· Shareholders
•· Management
• Employees
B. Timeline for Communication
• Board of Directors
• Shareholders
• Management
• Employees
II. External communication
A. Method of communication
* Media
* General public and potential customers
B. Timeline for...
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