Mission Statement Analysis

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Mission Statement Analysis
Nonprofit Organization Management
Week 2 assignment
November 11, 2012

The first organization I chose was Illinois Action for Children. I have a lot of experience with this organization as a participant and former co-worker. Illinois Action for Children is a nonprofit organization that helps middle-to-low income families’ finds and helps financially support the finding of childcare services while parents work or attend school. They also offer educational programs and services for childcare providers to help them obtain grants and other professionally developmental programs to improve their child care facilities. Illinois Action for Children

Mission Statement:
“Illinois Action for Children is a catalyst for organizing, developing and supporting strong families and powerful communication where children matter most”.

Illinois Action for Children went with the one clear sentence mission statement. In choosing this option I think that the organization fell short in revealing the exact purpose of their organization. It states that they organize, develop, and support families but my question is how? The mission statement failed in letting me know the activities that they do to help organize, develop and support strong families. I equated that the value being “where children matter most”.

I would choose the second version of the mission statements a more extensive presentation. In the option I will be able to elaborate and clearly state what the organization is about and what they do. Revised Mission Statement:

Illinois Action for Children is a catalyst for developing and supporting strong families. We offer financial assistance and supportive programs to ensure the best childcare services and options for you and your family, always knowing that children matter most.

The next nonprofit organization I chose was the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. This organization partners with individual...
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