Mission and Vision Statement of Rim

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  • Published: November 13, 2010
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To: Board of Director
From: Managing Consultant
Date: 4th November 2010
Subject: Research In Motion (RIM): Managing Explosive Growth 1. Introduction
After reviewing the background and operation of the Research in Motion (RIM) organization, it showed that the organization itself does not provide vision and mission statement to their employees as well as the public. According to Thompson and Strickland (2010), a strategic vision delineates management’s aspirations for the business, providing a panoramic view of “where are we going.” It lay out the company’s strategic course in preparing for the future. A clear strategic vision communicates the management’s aspirations to stakeholders. It also helps steer the energies of company personnel in a common direction. In short, developing a good vision statement and components of a mission statement are vital for RIM in order to achieve organization’s future strategic decisions and actions. Hence, best fit vision and mission statements for RIM will be discussed and justify its affection on the company’s future strategic decision and actions. Also, evaluate RIM’s resource strengths and competitive capabilities fit the industry’s critical success factors. 2. Vision Statement

With the assistance of Appendix 1, come out with the new RIM Vision Statement, “Our vision is to be recognized as the world’s best telecommunication and wireless devices company, by infinite the possibility of the innovation and creation to produce our product and software devices; to ensure and enhance product quality as well as to satisfy our customers’ unlimited demand in future. Thus, we will provide ongoing development towards our product and customer services (including service after sales) in order to become the best in terms of customer value, employee talent and predictable growth. We also intend to create a strong culture in our organization so that it may achieve competitive advantage in this industry.” |

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