Mission and Vision Statement

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Mission Possible: Using Values to Create Vision
George Walker
Saint Leo University
Mission Possible: Using Values to Create Vision
The purpose of a mission statement is to articulate the purpose and philosophy of the entity while the vision statement states the goal the entity seeks to achieve. Both of these are driven by values that lay the foundation for these assertions, acting as the nucleus from which the individual’s being and direction takes shape. While organizations use these statements to clarify their intent within markets, individuals can learn from these clarifications by examining the values and beliefs that should power their own lives, as well as committing to a goal that embodies the realization of their gifts and desires. These messages are powerful reminders to the individual and can be used as a framework for being and acting in the world. Using my personal values as a basis, I have developed the following mission and vision statements to pillar my professional and personal development; these statements represent who I want to be but who I am has given life to this understanding. Mission Statement

I am a man of integrity, courage, and responsibility, which serve as instruments in achieving freedom, peace, and prosperity as I actively work in personal and professional development. My desire is to first change in myself the things I see as wrong in the world; from there, I will be a force of creativity and impact within my community. The following principles are core to aligning my values with my actions: • I will take responsibility for my self and my contribution to the world around me. • I will dedicate myself to growth and development, always giving my best. • I will embrace diversity and respect others. • I will be grateful and generous.

• I will strive to live by the mantra “Do no harm” in thought, word, and deed.

Vision Statement
In the next five years, I...
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