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Topics: Observation, Child Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: February 21, 2013
One method for observation is ' narrative description'. in this observationyou write down what you see th child doing during the time you are observing.this type of observation uasually takes 5-10 minutes.for this observation you will need a note pad and a pen.when you are doing narrative observation you can note the childs behaviour,facial expressoin and actions. (D4)

One advantage for written narrative is , you can write in detail. when you write in detail you find out the likes and dislikes of the child, so this can help you develope the childs socail,emotional,physical and intellectual developement. One disadvanage is things may happen to quickly so you may not be able to record it accuratley and this can lead you to doing a wrong observation , for example if you wanted to set up an activity for the child you may do an easy activity and this will lead the child to doing something they already can do instead of helping them do something they cant do. (B2) observations can be used to support and develope the childrens socail development for example you can find out what the childs likes and dislikes are. once you find out what the childs likes and dislikes are you can plan out activitys they enjoy to playso this will develope thier socail skills becuase they will communicate with the children in their class.in my placement when i observed child I , I found out that he likes to play with toys that have thomas the train on it , so for my next activity i took out the train tracks and called some of the children including child I and told them to build the tracks , this helped develope thier socail skills beacuse when they where building the train tracks they had to take turns and this lead them to develope thier socail skills of taking turns.futher morewe use observations to see what milestones they have reached and developed, this is called basline assesmentso as they progress they will be supported and encouraged to meet thier other developments . we...
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